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Night Guards
Night Guard  Care near Canandaigua, Victor & Geneva, NY

Night Guards / NTI

You have been made a custom fitted night guard to help with clenching/grinding, headache prevention and/or head and neck muscle soreness. Please follow these instructions to make sure you get the most benefit from the appliance.

You have been trained to take your guard in and out. It is very important not to “force” the appliance in or out. When removing the appliance remember to use both hands and slowly rock it down off your teeth. Grabbing the appliance from one end and pulling down will cause breakage.

You will gain the most benefit with continual use of the guard. Early on in the process you may feel the guard is preventing you from sleeping because it’s such a new sensation. The first week is the most important. Almost all patients get accustomed to the appliance after the first week. Generalized soreness of the front teeth is a common symptom and usually subsides after a week.

Relief from any previous pain and discomfort can be seen as soon as a week but most cases take up to a month. If you find yourself clenching and grinding during the day you can wear the appliance throughout the day.

We recommend cleaning your appliance at least 3 times a week. This can be done with dish soap and a toothbrush using a very gentle brushing movement. Vigorous cleaning of the appliance will cause it to break.

When your appliance is not in your mouth we STRONGLY recommend you keep it in the case provided to you. Leaving your guard out will attract pets to chew on it, destroying it.

Please bring your appliance to all hygiene appointments for doctor observation if you have any questions or concerns regarding your appliance.
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