Cone Beam X-Ray

Cone Beam X-Ray
Woman Getting Cone Beam X-Ray, Naples NY
Cone Beam X-ray Dental Services near Canandaigua, Victor & Geneva, NY

Cone Beam CT X-Ray Takes Guesswork Out of Dentistry 
A new technology is changing the way a general dentist or specialist looks at patients - literally. No longer do they need to rely only on two dimensional x-rays for diagnosis, treatment planning and patient education. X-rays now come in three and even four dimensions, including manipulation of those images with new programs. Compared to the ‘medical’ CT, our cone-beam i-Cat (Imaging Sciences) is cheaper for the patient, has extremely less radiation, it’s fast (20 seconds), and there’s no waiting at the hospital. Cone-beam improves selection of implant size and type, confirms the correct angle and depth of placement in the alveolar bone, as well as the amount of bone present. Some machines even assess bone density.

  • A single scan produces a wide variety of views and angles that can be manipulated.
  • Cone beam CT scans provide more information that conventional dental x-ray, allowing for more precise treatment planning.
  • CT scanning is painless, noninvasive and accurate.
  • A major advantage of CT is its ability to image bone and soft tissue at the same time. 
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